Plicator Procedure
The Plicator Procedure is is an exciting new, non-surgical endoscopic treatment option for people who suffer from GERD..  The procedure is performed on an out-patient basis and most patients are able to resume their normal activities in 24 hours.  Some of the advantages of the Plicator Procedure include:
  • Done on an out-patient basis, there is no need for a hospital stay.
  • Since there are no incisions, normal activities can usually be resumed the next day.
  • Cost of procedure is much less compared to conventional surgery for GERD (about $15,000 for surgery ).
  • Expensive, daily medications (cost of daily medication can be over $2,000 per year) required for GERD can be reduced or entirely eliminated.
For more information or an evaluation for this procedure, call Oakland Heartburn and Reflux Center at (248) 682-4900.  To learn more about the Picator Procedure please visit the NDO Surgical, Inc website.

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