Frequently Asked Questions
How long will I have to wait to get an office appointment with Dr. Hasan?
Usually 1 to 2 weeks.  If your problem is urgent, we will offer an appointment as soon as possible,  usually within 2 to 3 days.

Should I take my usual medications on the day of my endoscopy procedure?
No.  You should take you medications until midnight of the day before your procedure.  You may take you medications when you return home from your exam unless otherwise instructed.  If you are on blood thinners, coumadin or aspirin, DO NOT take them for 5 days prior to your procedure.

I'm a diabetic and take insulin.  Should I take it on the day of my endoscopy procedure?
No.  DO NOT take your insulin until after your procedure is completed and you have eaten.  If you have had a colonoscopy, take only 1/2 of your normal insulin dose the day of the procedure, after your exam is done.  Resume to your normal insulin dosage the day after your test.

My instructions say that I can have only clear liquids by mouth before my exam.  What's a clear liquid?
Clear liquids include:  water, tea or coffee without cream or milk, Gatorade, any fruit juice without pulp (apple, grape, cranberry), clear broths and bouillon, popsicles, fruit ices, soda pop and any Jell-O except  red.

I'm afraid to have an endoscopy procedure, doesn't it hurt?
IV sedation and mild narcotics are given before your procedure for control of any discomfort that may occur.  Drugs commonly used are Versed, Demerol and/or Fentanyl.  In addition, a medication called Robinul may given go help dry up excess secretions.  Most people have no recollection of the procedure afterwards.  If you are allergic to any of these medications, please notify the office or Dr. Hasan before your procedure.

I have to take antibiotics before going to the dentist.  Will I need them before my endoscopy procedure?
Maybe.  If you have had a heart valve replace, any joint replacement, or any condition that requires antibiotic therapy before a dental appointment, please advise the office of this several days before your exam is scheduled.  We will make a determination whether you will need them before your endoscopy procedure.


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